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With our dedicated team at goodtech, we strive for innovative ideas and solutions to achieve the objectives of our clients and work hard to get the quality that they need and deserve. Our job is never finished until our clients are completely satisfied and we will continue to provide our support as long as needed.

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Business intelligence encompasses all the processes and methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations to provide a comprehensive view of a business. The most basic enterprise business intelligence definition is the deployment of BI throughout a large corporation. Larger, more complex companies create more data and require more extensive and sophisticated business intelligence platforms. Enterprise BI helps these organizations increase productivity and efficiency.

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Enterprise business intelligence platforms provide a higher capacity for data management and analytics. Using data to create a holistic view of the business can lead to critical efficiencies. When data collection and analytics remains project- or team-focused, essential information gets siloed, and companies risk inefficiencies, redundancies, and potential mission conflicts between teams. Companies can improve performance with an enterprise approach to BI. This approach involves aligning business, data, and analytics strategies and leveraging resources and expertise.

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  • With a larger organization, you need a corporate BI solution that works seamlessly between users and departments. The platform should also provide a straightforward way to publish, distribute, and share insights—even with outside clients. And it should be able to do all of this securely, without compromising your data.
  • Analytics

  • The best enterprise business intelligence platforms give you the ability to ask and answer questions immediately for on-the-fly decision making. They also help power insights with advanced analytics and statistics. Not only do you get a strategic, top-view look at the data, but you can also dig into the granular details.
  • Infrastructure

  • Choose a corporate BI platform that’s genuinely self-service and doesn’t require the IT team to help with every inquiry. Look for customizable dashboards, tools to organize resources, revision history, and search functions, so it’s easy for everyone to find the right data every time.


  • Governance is an essential capability for enterprise BI platforms. A centralized data source can help maximize reusability, reliability, and consistency, helping you to regulate reporting and provide more accurate analyses. The platform must also keep proprietary data and analytics secure while providing the right access to authorized users.
  • Visualization

  • An interactive, easy-to-use visual interface is key to adoption across departments and management levels. But make sure the platform can create more than just pie charts and bar graphs. It should also have the capabilities to provide the heat maps, scatter plots, and other data visualization methods needed for your organization.
  • Seamless

  • Finally, your corporate BI platform should integrate seamlessly into your existing data structure and give you the flexibility to connect to all your data on-premises or in the cloud. You should also be able to access your data from any device or operating system, whether that’s desktop or mobile, Windows or Mac.

Smart Government

Singapore is a nation “where we can create possibilities for ourselves beyond what we imagined possible.” – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

As the digital era rapidly evolves, it is up to us to dream and imagine bigger, so that we can realise what it truly means to be a Smart Nation with endless possibilities.

Our vision for a digital-first Singapore is one where a Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society harness technology to effect transformation in health, transport, urban living, government services and businesses.

Our Digital Government continues to invest in infrastructure and create shared open platforms for our businesses and citizens to learn and develop.

Our Digital Economy spurs businesses to invest in technology and talent to encourage growth beyond our shores.

Our Digital Society empowers individuals to cultivate their talents and arm themselves with the latest digital technologies to realise their biggest inspirations, and live better lives together.

The Smart Nation initiative is our way forward. Technology will be so seamlessly integrated that it will transform the way we work, live and play.

By continuous participating the Strategic National Projects, we demonstrate our strength and experience in Smart Government Journey.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing takes all the heavy lifting involved in crunching and processing data away from the device you carry around or sit and work at. It also moves all of that work to huge computer clusters far away in cyberspace. The Internet becomes the cloud, and your data, work, and applications are available from any device with which you can connect to the Internet, anywhere in the world.

We have products and services for software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Our cloud computing products and services have served huge customers base.

When managing cloud computing services with us, enterprises can:

  • Simplify management and operations with a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure.
  • Optimize costs with flexible hybrid pricing models.
  • Align workloads with the right cloud computing services and an optimal mix of public, private and edge cloud resources.
  • Simplify migration by leveraging pre-engineered solutions.
  • Enforce security policies across all IT environments and maintain visibility and control over applications and data.
  • Accelerate innovation with access to elastic capacity for rapid scale up and scale down.

In addition to hardware and software, we offers a wide range of services that can help to ensure the success of cloud deployments. Our Services provide industry experts, strategic guidance and proven practical capabilities to accelerate time to value for digital transformation.

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Our services include:

    Deployment services.

  • Bring new hybrid cloud investments online as quickly as possible, accelerating adoption and ROI and freeing your IT staff for more strategic work.
  • Support services.

  • Resolve problems faster with groundbreaking technology backed by experts who can help to maximize productivity, uptime and convenience.
  • Consulting services.

  • Work with consultants who leverage prescriptive approaches and proven methodologies for planning and executing a move to hybrid cloud.

    Managed services.

  • Optimize IT operations and investments with managed services backed by guaranteed service levels, reducing the cost, complexity and risk of managing hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Education services.

  • Empower talent and teams with the skills required to manage hybrid cloud infrastructure and execute transformational strategy to drive competitive advantage.
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Smart IoT Integration

With the Internet of Things, one refers to the internet being used by embedded systems. It thus concerns systems that are not, as is the case for a computer or smart phone, operated by humans, but that can communicate with each other and can act autonomously. The idea behind this is that this way various products can work together without the interference of humans. Additionally it is possible to collect information in a convenient way and to make it insightful for humans, or to operate systems or complete networks of systems via the internet. A product is generally connected to the internet via a wired connection, wireless via WiFi, or via networks such as 3G/4G/5G and LoRa.

The Internet of Things offers a large number of possibilities and opportunities. The biggest challenge herein is the guarantee of privacy. Authentication should make it impossible to break into an appliance and thereby gain access to the network within which it is embedded. Additionally it is possible to have a requirement that the person monitoring the connection is unable to influence the communication.


The applications of the Internet of Things are almost infinite, a few examples are the monitoring of temperature sensors, armatures for emergency lighting, or ground water measurements, even from a (great) distance. In addition one can consider the control of actuators for the operation of for example light, a movement, or for the control and reading out of complete machines.


We has developed multiple products that can (be) connect(ed) to the internet. Building an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for your organization is a continuous growing process that can seem daunting. We want to start by simply connecting and collecting our device data. Building on-prem customized solutions is often expensive and time-consuming, and building an IoT solution in a cloud service can help relieve these pain points.


Integration means making independently designed applications and data work well together. IoT integration means making the mix of new IoT devices, IoT data, IoT platforms and IoT applications — combined with IT assets (business applications, legacy data, mobile, and SaaS) — work well together in the context of implementing end-to-end IoT business solutions. The IoT integration market is defined as the set of IoT integration capabilities that IoT project implementers need to successfully integrate end-to-end IoT business solutions.

AI Application & Big Data Analytics

Big data and artificial intelligence have a synergistic relationship. AI requires a massive scale of data to learn and improve decision-making processes and big data analytics leverages AI for better data analysis. With this convergence, you can more easily leverage advanced analytics capabilities like augmented or predictive analytics and more efficiently surface actionable insights from your vast stores of data. With big data AI powered analytics, you can empower your users with the intuitive tools and robust technologies they need to extract high-value insights from data, fostering data literacy across your organization while reaping the benefits of becoming a truly data-driven organization.

By bringing together big data and AI technology, companies can improve business performance and efficiency by:

  • Anticipating and capitalizing on emerging industry and market trends.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior and automating customer segmentation
  • Personalizing and optimizing the performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • Using intelligent decision support systems fueled by big data, AI, and predictive analytics

AI Big Data Analytics

AI can assist users in all phases of the big data cycle, or the processes involved in the aggregation, storage, and retrieval of diverse types of data from various sources. These include data management, pattern management, context management, decision management, action management, goal management, and risk management.

AI can identify data types, find possible connections among datasets, and recognize knowledge using natural language processing. It can be used to automate and accelerate data preparation tasks, including the generation of data models, and assist in data exploration. It can learn common human error patterns, detecting and resolving potential flaws in information. And it can learn by watching how the user interacts with an analytics program, surfacing unexpected insights from massive datasets fast. AI can also learn subtle differences in meaning, or context-specific nuances, in order to help users better understand numeric data sources. And it can alert users to anomalies or unexpected patterns in data, actively monitoring events and identifying potential threats from system logs or social networking data, for example.

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We have addressed the meaning of these terminologies, we will dedicate this part of our Artificial Intelligence essay reviewing how applications are benefiting from the synergy between AI algorithm and Big Data analytics, such as:

  • Natural language processing, where millions of samples from the human language are recorded and linked to their corresponding computer programming language translations. Thus, computers are programmed and used in helping organizations analyze and process huge amounts of human language data.
  • Helping agricultural organisations and corporations broaden their monitoring capability. AI helps farmers to count and monitor their produce through every growth stage till maturity. AI can identify weak points or defects long before they spread to other areas of these huge acres of land. In this case, satellite systems or drones are used by the AI for viewing and extracting the data.
  • Banking and securities, for monitoring financial market activities. For instance, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is using network analytics and natural language processing to foil illegal trading activities in financial markets. Trading data analytics are obtained for high-frequency trading, making decision-based trading, risk analysis, and predictive analysis. They are also used for early fraud warning, card fraud detection, archival and analysis of audit trails, reporting enterprise credit, customer data transformation, etc.
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  • Communication, Media and Entertainment. AI capabilities can be used for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing consumer insights. Leveraging mobile and social media content. Understanding patterns of real-time, media content usage. Companies in this industry can simultaneously analyse their customer data along with customer behavioural data to create detailed customer profiles that will be used for creating content for a diverse target audience, recommending content, and measuring content performance.
  • Healthcare providers have benefited from the large pool of health data Prescriptions and health analysis have been simplified by AI. Hospitals are using data collected by millions of cell phones and sensors, allowing doctors to use evidence-based medicine. Also, the spread of chronic diseases is identified and tracked faster.
  • In the Educational sector, AI syncs with Big Data analytics for various purposes, such as for tracking and analysing when a student logs into the school’s system, the amount of time spent on the different pages of the system, and the overall progress of students over time. It is also useful for measuring the effectiveness of teachers. Thus, teachers’ performance is analysed and measured with respect to the number of students, various courses, student aspirations, student demographics, behavioural patterns, and many other data.
  • In Manufacturing, inventory management, production management, supply chain analysis and customer satisfaction techniques are made seamless. Thus, the quality of products is improved, energy efficiency is ensured, reliability levels rise, and profit margins increase.
  • In the Natural Resources sector, the synergy of AI and Big Data makes predictive modelling possible. Allowing for the quick and easy analysis of large graphical data, geospatial data, temporal data, seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization.
  • Governments around the world use AI for various applications such as public facial recognition, vehicle recognition for traffic management, population demographics, financial classifications, energy exploration, environmental conservation, infrastructure management, criminal investigations, and much more.Other areas where AI is used in Big Data are Insurance, Retail & Wholesale Trade, Transportation, and Energy & Utilities.
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Geospatial Application

We apply geospatial applications in multiple spheres, from geospatial technologies for maps like GPS navigators for drivers to vast-scope remote sensing by satellites orbiting Earth.

Using geospatial technology is comparatively inexpensive and simple, while its possibilities are next to unlimited. Applications of geospatial technologies are incorporated in almost any sector, industry, or research where the location is important.

Geospatial technology correlates an object’s position with its geographic coordinates. The idea is not new and served for observing places with pigeons or balloons first, primarily for mapmaking purposes. However, it is dramatically deployed in the era of satellites and computers

Identification of geospatial data enables monitoring, tracing, measuring, assessment, identification, or modeling. The basic list of geospatial technologies encompasses remote sensing (RS), GPS, and GIS.

Remote Sensing

Different types of remote sensing as geospatial technology enables us to study objects or surfaces at faraway distances employing their reflectance properties. Sensing them with active or passive systems, measuring and analyzing the response, experts can assess the target’s properties and make corresponding conclusions.

Satellites revolve our planet and generate imagery based on several source options and methods of geospatial technology for data collection:

  • Electromagnetic impulses (including visible, infrared, and microwave channels);
  • Filmed or digital areal imagery from piloted and non-piloted vehicles (e.g., airplanes and drones);
  • Radars and lidars enabling to calculate the distance with radio or light signals correspondingly.
  • Advanced systems distinguish objects of one meter and even smaller.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

GPS bases on the geometric phenomenon of triangulation. As the name suggests, calculations ground on three sources. It is a typical situation, however. When it relates to space and signals, scientists have to bear in mind that transmitted energy travels at the speed of light, causing possible calculation discrepancies. To minimize errors and to make the calculations more accurate, global positioning systems use four sources.

Satellites revolve our planet and generate imagery based on several source options and methods of geospatial technology for data collection:

  • Electromagnetic impulses (including visible, infrared, and microwave channels);
  • Filmed or digital areal imagery from piloted and non-piloted vehicles (e.g., airplanes and drones);
  • Radars and lidars enabling to calculate the distance with radio or light signals correspondingly.
  • Advanced systems distinguish objects of one meter and even smaller.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS, one type of geospatial technology, merges spatial and non-spatial data, remote sensing imagery, GPS data points to elaborate a single complete system. It allows users to collect, group, and analyze required information on multiple layers, including elevation, vegetation species, forest health, roads, water bodies, animals, etc.

Website Design

Web Development is an essential component in any digital marketing campaign. It will greatly impact the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. A website is basically your digital business card. A successful website communicates what your brand is about and increases its awareness. This is why it is important to work with a company that understands your vision. Goodtech works with you to get the best results for your website and digital marketing campaign through our quality and result driven strategies.

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    Website Speed Optimization

  • Losing traffic due to a sluggish website? We’ll weed out all the culprits for slow page load times, giving your site the refresher it needs.
  • Website Hosting

  • Trust your site’s home with a quick, efficient hosting system that boasts over 99% uptime and houses more than 1,500 other businesses nationwide.
  • E-commerce Solutions

  • Rock-solid shopping carts to meet your online sales needs. We develop flexible, reliable ecommerce services that help businesses sell their products online without the headache.

    Mobile App Development

  • Need a custom app built for your business? Our team of developers turns profitable ideas into functional mobile applications.
  • Custom Programming

  • From POS and CRM software to 360° product views and custom search forms, our programmers can create specialized tools from scratch.
  • Logo Design

  • Every business needs a logo of their own, and we’ve worked with hundreds across the nation to deliver custom-designed graphics.


Take full advantage of the Internet and mobile world as a powerful marketing channel for your hotel, restaurant, or retail operation. At Goodtech, our eCommerce mission is to anticipate all of the key sites and devices that your customers use to find you on the Web and on the go, and determine where you need to be to grow your business online.
We offer both turnkey and customized solutions to fit all business sizes, from the smallest boutique operation to the largest international chain. Our global team consists of business analysts, project managers, online marketers, software engineers, IT specialists and consultants – offering you a wealth of experience in e-commerce and Internet distribution.
We all share that one passion: To provide you with e-commerce services that meet your unique needs, by building your brand, creating loyal customers and generating revenue. .

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  • With online integrations that give your customers the right payment methods on a customised payment page they can trust, we can help you increase conversion.

  • Whatever your mobile strategy – native app or a mobile or responsive website – we can help you make it easy for your customers to make payments on the move.

  • Whether you're a brand-new start-up or a large multi-national, we have the preferred payment methods you need to succeed in each market.


  • With our advanced fraud prevention solutions, you can block more fraudulent transactions, accept more safe orders and spend less time dealing with fraud.


  • Goodtech Collect helps you reduce your bank charges and optimise your cash flow by having all your customers’ payments transferred to your merchant account in one batch.T



Today, more than 90 % of Singaporean use search engines as part of their decision-making process. A search marketing strategy will allow you to connect with consumers who have clearly expressed a specific need that your product or service can meet.
If you want to grow your web assets over the long-term without sacrificing short-term results, our team of search marketing experts can help you generate qualified traffic across your entire online presence. We’ll develop a strategy tailored specifically to you, to make your objectives a reality.

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  • Evaluate the search demand for your product or service
  • Establish priorities and a budget for your search marketing strategy
  • Create the right balance between organic and paid search
  • Increase your visibility among current customers and qualified leads
  • Continually measure performance and adapt your strategy accordingly


We offer a refreshingly transparent approach to online success through sound Search Engine Optimisation advice that produces quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for Singapore and around the world. Discover more about how our SEO services can grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues

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    SEO Consultants

  • Our Consultancy SEO services provide research, analysis and recommendations for all websites, but especially for those having difficulty with their Search Engine visibility.
  • Keyword Research

  • In the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation there are “broad keywords” that attract browsers and “money keywords” that attract buyers. Discover how to choose the right ones.
  • SEO Strategy

  • Developing a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy and then mapping the tactics into an executable plan is essential for online success. You need SEO Services that can take on the competition and win.

    Web Copywriting

  • Keyword searches will take your target market to your page but engaging copy will keep them there. See how our experienced in-house web copywriters can make a difference.
  • WordPress SEO CMS

  • We have rigorously tested the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) - it is the best & most Search Engine-friendly solution without doubt.

  • SEO Packages & Plans

  • We’ve analysed the core elements of our client successes, and have created Search Engine Optimisation Packages that offer great value for you as well as great results.

Wechat Marketing

Goodtech could help you create online campaigns to propagate your brand’s WeChat account so that you’ll be able to cast a wide net of qualified users. We will focus on heavy content marketing while prominently displaying your account’s QR code on relevant platforms. Once the campaigns have been sent, Goodtech analyzes your brands tone and tactics, while providing support for copywriting new content for campaigns on a daily/weekly basis; managing and optimizing your brand’s mini-site, helping you keep track and cater to your target audience; and effectively utilize your mini-site’s eCommerce functions.

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    Official Account registration

  • One stop register and open wechat official account,include service and subscription.
  • Wechat business account management

  • Build your micro online live chat support services 10times reactive support than facebook

    Wechat moment design

  • 2Years EDM design to make your wechat moment more brilliant.
  • Wechat marketing course

  • Join the hot wechat marketing work shop and training course in Singapore and malaysia

Email Marketing

Short on time? Short on resources? Simply need help?

Goodtech offers a range of professional services that can provide you with the support you need to roll-out your email strategy and ensure the success of your campaigns.We are email marketing experts who are problem solvers, available and here to help.

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  • Design Services
  • Professional Training
  • Account and Database Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Deliverability Audits
  • Database Integration and Dynamic Content